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The Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) came into being on the 8th of June,1923, when 110 civil servants met in St. Andrew’s Hall in Georgetown and unanimously passed a resolution approving of an approach being made to the Governor to sanction the formation of the British Guiana Civil Service Association. The Governor was approached and he readily accorded his sanction to it\’s formation. It was formerly registered No.55 as a Trade Union on the 5th of November, 1948.

This organization was first named as the British Guyana Civil Service Association (B.G.C.S.A). It’s Industrial Relations activities began during an era when the country was administered by a Colonial Administration based in Great Britain and served by a Governor and other Functionaries here.

In 1972, the name was changed from Civil Service Association to the Public Service Association. In 1975, there was a merger with the Medical Employees Union (M.E.U), and the name of the Association was changed from the Public Service Association to the Guyana Public Service Union, (G.P.S.U).

Also, in 1975, The Guyana Public Service Union established it’s Branch system, with the Ministry of Health, Headquarters being the first branch to be formed. Today the Union has over eighty (80) branches established within the various Ministry/Department/ Region. The membership moved from 200 to approximately 10,000.

The year 1975, has been recorded in the history of the Union has a very eventful year. It is also the year when the Union introduced a Medical Assistance Scheme for the benefit of it’s Members.

The Guyana Public Service Union (G.P.S.U) has grown to be a very “Democratic” and “Dynamic” organization. Unlike in the early years, policy decisions are made with the involvement of the Membership at all levels within the Union i.e. Branches, Executive Council, General Council and Delegates Conference.

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