United and Overcome or Divided and Succumb


You are the union


We have commenced the year 2015, a new year, where after reviewing our experiences in 2014 resolved to change positively the challenges we, as a Union, have encountered, challenges directed to our very survival. In so doing, let us be realistic about what prevails, what we... Read more


The progress of the nation has a direct impact on the welfare and well being of all citizens whose individual expectation and development are inextricably linked to the electoral... Read more

Our struggles

Equal pay for equal work for both men and women in the Civil Service Women being promoted to Senior Administrative  levels within the Public... Read more

Guyana elections

The GPSU has been accredited local observer status for the upcoming regional and general elections by GECOM, we are encouraging members to come on board as GPSU observers. Deadline for submissions is March 16th.  Read more


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